HeySummit will ensure your Attendees, Speakers, Affiliates, and Team members are up to date. You can use our email templates, disable or customize them to fit your summit goals. All emails have different content and are triggered based on specific criteria.

Navigate to your Event Dashboard and head to Email to manage your templates.

First, let's look at Attendee emails. On the left side under Audience, mark the checkbox corresponding to Attendee to see the complete list of emails that are sent to attendees.

By default, all emails will be active unless you marked them otherwise. If you'd like to disable any of our emails, just toggle the button that says "Live" next to it and there should be a quick notification at the top right corner that the email has been unpublished.

To customize the body of the email, click on the three dots and select Edit Email. All text outside our core blocks can be highlighted and updated. In addition, you can bold, italicize, underline and hyperlink text using the menu after highlighting your text.

Make sure you don't edit the place holders so they'll work correctly. If you do, you can always reset the email templates by clicking the "..." next to your email then selecting 'Reset Content'.

We include the event's talks and links under blocks so they can't be edited and to avoid any issues. If you'd like to update any information from these blocks, you can do so directly from the talk you've scheduled or under Content> Translations.

To learn more about when our emails get sent, check this article.