You've spent so much time building your brand, and naturally, you want to showcase it. Here are some of the settings you'll want to take a look at to create the branding and customization of your summit landing page and social media shares. 

Quick Start

Head to Event Setup > Settings > Branding & Content.

Start by customizing your event with your logos. The white version is what will be used on darker background colours to help it pop. 

Then select your font and your color palette for the front-end of your event. You can hover over the help point (the blue circle with an i) to get more information about where each color is used. 

Next is your branding settings for your social media promo. You can see the default promo images under Promoting > Assets, Talk Promo Images, and Speaker Promo Images. They grab the info you've already put into your dashboard settings. 

This is what they might look like: 


If you don't fill in the strapline field, we'll put your description on the Primary Promo image (which will also show up on landing page). The copy of the social share will also include your Social Hashtag.

You can also upload your own promo images to override our autogenerated ones. Read more about custom promo images.

Use the Favicon field to update the icon used in browser tabs to your own logo. 

Looking to customize your registration confirmation page? Use the field below to enter a URL. Read more on how you can set this up.

If you'd like to customize your event a bit further, scroll down to our custom CSS field to add your code. By adding custom code, it will override the branding colors you've pre-selected.

Please note: We don't offer CSS code or support, therefore we recommend using this field if you have coding knowledge or support. The custom CSS field is only available under our Professional/Growth and Business/Success plans.

If you're on the Business or Success plan, you can remove HeySummit branding from your event site and emails. Just uncheck the box screenshotted below. 

Don't forget to press Save when you're done making changes.