While creating your event, you would like to know how to use the branding and customisation options to personalise your summit page. 

Quick Start

Head to Event Setup > Settings > Branding & Content.

Start by customising your event with your logos. The white version is what will be used on darker background colours.

Then select your font and your colour palette for the front-end of your event. You can hover over the help point (the blue circle with an i) to get more information about where each colour is used. 


You can also upload your own promo images to override our autogenerated ones. Read more about custom promo images.

Use the Favicon field to update the icon used in browser tabs to your own logo. 

Looking to customise your registration confirmation page? Use the field below to enter a URL. Read more on how you can set this up.

If you'd like to customise your event a bit further, scroll down to our custom CSS field to add your code. By adding custom code, it will override the branding colours you have pre-selected.