After creating your event, this section is where you will customize your event and add your social hashtags. Start by customizing your event with your brand logo and colors under Event Setup> Settings> Branding & Content.

Select your font and your color palette for the front-end of your event. If you'd like to customize your event a bit further, scroll down to our custom CSS field to add your code. By adding custom code, it will override the branding colors you've pre-selected.

Please note: We don't offer CSS code or support, therefore we recommend using this field if you have coding knowledge or support. The custom CSS field is only available under our Professional/Growth and Business/Success plans.

Add your social strapline and hashtags that will be suggested to your attendees when sharing your event on social media.

HeySummit will automatically generate promo images for your speakers, talks and event based on the information you've entered.

If you'd like to override our auto-generated promo images for your talks and event, you can upload your custom images under Promo primary and Global Speaker/Talk Promo Image.

    You can also remove our HeySummit branding if you're under our Business/Success plan.

If you want to upload your custom promo images, check out this article.