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Hybrid / In-Person Ticket Option

Are there any plans to use HeySummit to also be able to offer in-person tickets for sale?    Hybrid events seem to be the latest and likely long term trend.

The ability to offer both in-person or  an in-person/replay ticket option would be great to be able to do in the Hey Summit platform.

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Hey Alex-

Although we don't market our platform for hybrid events, we've seen other Event Organizers use us for this purpose. Since we integrate with many platforms out there and we're very flexible when it comes to ticket set up, you can create this for your event.

For example, we've seen Event Organizers sell tickets for in-person and online sessions. If attendees purchase a pass that includes in-person, they can use our one-off custom email feature and email this specific group of people their unique in-person pass. 

Let me know if you need any help setting this up.

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