Your attendees are here and your speaker is ready to begin their live session that you've set up with one of our native webinar integrations. How, you ask?

Right now, all Hosts have to start their live talk by launching it from their webinar platform account. Note that if you're using a Custom URL, Vimeo Live/YouTube Live, or Pre-recorded option, you don't need to set up a Host for your session, or to start it.  

Before we jump right into a quick shortcut on how to access their Host URLs via your HeySummit account, do note that a host is the owner of the live webinar integration that you choose to use. Not every speaker needs to be a host. All speakers get an email 24 hrs before, then 60 minutes before, their talk giving them the link they need to access to deliver their live talk. 

So, you could have 25 speakers and only 1 host - the person who owns the webinar account. If you are hosting live talks concurrently and your webinar platform does not allow concurrent talks, add a few hosts to my account. These hosts should each have an account on the webinar platform.

Check out our example here. This shows 4 different hosts (each is a separate owner of a webinar platform account). To add a host, head to Event Setup > Hosts > Add Host.


Quick start

For your host to start their talks, follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Go to your event dashboard.
  2. Click on Hosting > Schedules.
  3. Select the host and from there, click on the Host URL option.
  4. You will be redirected to the webinar platform and can start the talk from there.