You want to change the image accompanying your speaker, talk, or summit promo posts on social media. After all - a picture says a thousand words! Here's how.

Quick start

  1. Head to Event Setup > Settings
  2. Click on Branding & Content > Update
  3. Scroll down a little until you see these headings (image below)
  4. You can update your Primary Promo Image here, as well as your Speaker/Talk Promo Image (the latter will be a blanket replacement of all Speaker/Talk Promo images when the link is shared, so they are no longer individualized).

  • We recommend your images be 1200 x 628 in size - everything else gets cropped/ resized to match these dimensions.
  • If you make edits via the Speaker/ Talk Promo Image option, note that it overrides promo images you might have set earlier on all Speaker pages and Talk pages. The Primary Promo Image overrides promo images you have set everywhere else.
  • It may take a while for social media platforms to update their cache to replace the old image with your new one. Check out our help doc on this here.