Quick Start

Payouts are very easy with our payment partners. We use Wise for the majority of our payouts, but some currencies require us to use PayPal. The process below applies to both.

To receive revenue for your event, first enter your information under Event Setup > Payment Methods > Payout Settings. You can also add your payout information under Revenue > Payouts > Settings.

Make sure that you enter your payout information for every event on HeySummit. 

Payouts are processed the first Business day of each month. 


Quick start

  1. Go on the Settings option from your Dashboard under Revenue > Payouts.
  2. Fill out the fields found there:
    1. Payout Email = the email address you'll receive a follow-up email to, from Wise or PayPal so you can fill out your payment details. Please ensure this is an email account that you check frequently.
    2. Payout Currency = the preferred currency you'd like to receive the funds in.
    3. Name on Account = the name on the bank account that you would like to use to receive the funds. 
  3. Press Save
  4. Don't forget to check the inbox of the email address you entered under these settings for the follow-up email from Wise or PayPal. We can't complete the process without you filling in your bank details via this email. 

With Wise: You don't need a Wise account to receive your payout. If you already have an account with Wise, you can use this registered account, and (depending on your Wise settings) the payment will go directly to your bank account, or it will ask you to enter new bank details.

To learn more about how payouts work through Wise, click here or watch this handy video:

With PayPal: if your currency requires that we use PayPal, the email you receive will ask you to sign into your PayPal account or set an account up. You can find out more about how to do this on the PayPal website.