You've got a great panel lined up, and now you're wondering how to add multiple speakers to a single talk. Here's how!

Quick start

  1. Do note that you should have already created speaker records for the people you're adding in your panel discussions prior to creating the multiple speaker talk. To do this, head to Content > Speakers > Add Speaker. There's an option while setting up Speakers to create a Talk at the same time. If you do this for your first Speaker for that session, don't fill out this talk details area for each Speaker record you create as this will create duplicate talk records.
  2. If you haven't created a Talk while creating a Speaker, head to click on Content > Talks and select Add Talk
  3. Tick all the speakers that will be giving this talk under the Speakers box (shown below)

  4. If you want to add more speakers to an existing talk, simply head to Content > Talks, and then click on the '...' next to the talk you want to add speakers to. Then, click Edit Record and follow Step 3.
  5. If you select multiple speakers for a talk, that will be reflected on all pages mentioning the talk itself in the front-end. So effectively, when you have a multiple-speaker talk, all their names and associated companies appear in the front-end talk record (shown below) - there is currently no way of changing this. Do note, if you have more than 4 speakers, only 4 profile images will show although all the speaker's name will be listed.