You're familiar with our email templates- the emails that HeySummit automatically sends out to your attendees and speakers. You've made a tweak, for example by adding replays, and are wondering: is there an option to alert attendees and speakers? Does HeySummit automatically send notifications if it detects a change?

Quick start

Right now, there is no way for you, as the event organiser, to re-trigger a template email to all attendees and speakers. However, we're always thinking of ways to make summits simpler, and can offer this handy workaround:
  1. Download a .csv file of your attendees. There are two ways to do this.

Method one (Use this is if the amendment is event-wide.)

  1. While you are logged in to your event as an organiser, go to your dashboard.

  2. Click on Activity & Feedback > Attendees.

  3. After you select Attendees you will see a full list of everyone registered for the event. Above the list, on the right, click on Export. This will your export your attendee list as a .csv.

Method two (Use this is if the amendment is talk-specific.)

  1. Alternatively, if the amendment is talk-specific, head to Content > Talks and hover over the number of attendees displayed on the page.
  2. When redirected, click on Export on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. After you've downloaded your .csv file, you can import the registered attendees' emails to your own email provider and send them a custom email highlighting any amendments you've made.