You've scoped out our Email Templates under Event Setup that are autogenerated and automatically send out to Speakers, Attendees or Team Members at certain points of your event. You want to contact your attendees, but there isn't an existing template that fits your needs and you are now wondering how to achieve this. 

Quick Start

It's not currently possible to create a new email template in HeySummit. But we do have a workaround for you.
  1. Download your attendees list of choice. Check out this help doc to find out where to find different attendee reports, e.g. ticket holders, those registered for a specific talk, etc. 
  2. Import your .csv file into your email service provider, external to HeySummit.
  3. Now you can create and send any email you like to your attendees. 

You're all set.

Note: the csv that you export will be static, i.e. if you need the latest list with any new attendees, you'll have to export it again. However, you could set up a Zap that adds each new attendee, ticket purchase or talk registration to an existing email list. For instance, one popular combination is to use Zapier to pass on attendee data to Mail Chimp after the attendee completes registration.