You're wondering how you can pay your affiliates their hard-earned commission? Worry no more, we explain how affiliate payouts work below.


Quick Fix

When someone signs up as an affiliate, they will be given access to their own affiliate dashboard, where they will be able to see the figures we automatically track for signups, total revenue and monthly commission for their referrals.
HeySummit does not pay your affiliates. HeySummit makes payouts to the Event Organizer (you) on the first business day of each month (for accounts created after 6th Sept 2021, after being withheld for up to 60 days after the last payment was processed), along with an affiliate report. You can use this report to pay affiliates in your chosen manner. Remember to give yourself some buffer time between our payout and yours, e.g. telling your affiliates you'll pay them on the 15th of the month.