By default, HeySummit processes all your ticket sales and pays you out at the beginning of each month. Note: for Event Organizer accounts created after 6th Sept 2021, the payouts associated with your account will be withheld for up to 60 days after the last payment was processed to ensure any charge-back fees from your attendees are covered. Check out our help doc on payouts for more details and how to set that up to receive your funds.

If you instead want to sub in your own payment processor, you've come to the right place.

Why would you use PayPal to process your ticket sales payments?

Since HeySummit is a UK based company, all ticket sales using our default payment processor are processed in GBP (Pound sterling). This means that any payments made to you would also incur currency transaction fees when you receive your payout. 

If you would like to instead have your money sent straight to you and avoid these currency transaction charges, you can connect your own PayPal account to your HeySummit event. Please note that there will still be PayPal fees associated with your ticket sales - make sure you factor these in.

If you connect your own PayPal account, this also means that you will be able to receive money for your ticket sales immediately, instead of having to wait until the beginning of the next month.

Who can use PayPal to process ticket sales payments?

You can use PayPal as your Custom Payment Provider if:

  • you're on the Business or Success plan with HeySummit
  • you have a Business account with PayPal

You won't be able to use a Personal PayPal account when integrating with your HeySummit event.

Please note that if you connect PayPal with your HeySummit event, you will no longer be able to use certain currencies. For a list of currencies that PayPal currently supports, you can check their article here. For easier access, we've also copied the currently supported currencies below (last updated on the 17th of March 2021). Note that a solution like Stripe provides even more currencies that are supported.

Australian dollar (AUD); Brazilian real  (BRL); Canadian dollar (CAD); Chinese Renmenbi  (CNY); Czech koruna (CZK); Danish krone (DKK); Euro (EUR); Hong Kong dollar (HKD); Hungarian forint (HUF); Indian rupee (INR); Israeli new shekel (ILS); Japanese yen (JPY); Malaysian ringgit (MYR); Mexican peso (MXN); New Taiwan dollar (TWD); New Zealand dollar (NZD); Norwegian krone (NOK); Philippine peso (PHP); Polish złoty (PLN); Pound sterling (GBP); Russian ruble (RUB); Singapore dollar (SGD); Swedish krona (SEK); Swiss franc (CHF); Thai baht (THB); United States dollar (USD).

Things to note

Here are some extra aspects to consider when you make the transition from the default HeySummit payment processing system:

  • If you have any existing ticket sales that were already processed by HeySummit - don't forget to fill out your payout details to recover these funds.
  • You can't have both Stripe & PayPal connected as Custom Payment Providers - you will have to choose one or the other.
  • If you use PayPal as your Custom Payment Provider System, you will be responsible for processing any attendee refund requests, directly from your PayPal account.

How to connect PayPal with HeySummit

  1. Navigate to your Event Organizer dashboard and select Event Setup > Payment Methods. You will have to click on the three dots (...) next to the PayPal field and select Connect.
  2. You then have to enter your PayPal client ID and your PayPal client secret. You can grab the links to your PayPal Dashboard directly from the setting area (see below - 'My Apps & Credentials').
  3. Once you've pressed Save, your PayPal account should be connected. Any tickets that are sold after the connection was established will be visible in your PayPal account.

You're all set.