HeySummit does not add any VAT or other taxes onto your ticket sales for customers. This is because local taxes can vary based on the purchase area of the user. While this is something we're working towards including in reporting, currently the email receipts automatically sent to attendees don't include any VAT information.

So, if you're looking to supply a VAT receipt for attendees, this will need to be set up off-platform. If you're an attendee looking for a VAT receipt, please get in touch with the Event Organizers directly.

As an Event Organizer, you can choose to build the cost of VAT into your ticket prices when you set them up under Revenue > Tickets. You could also choose to state in the description of a ticket that it's included and how much (Revenue > Tickets > ... > Edit Record > Short Description) so that attendees can see that this is included at checkout. 

Looking for info on VAT relating to Event Organizer subscriptions? Look here