You're loving HeySummit and want to tell others about it. Now you can do exactly that, and get rewarded for spreading the word. Our commission is 30% of any ongoing revenue that is referred.
Here's the lowdown on our Affiliate Programme

Quick start

  1. You share a unique code with your list, or others who want to sign up to HeySummit.
  2. They sign up with HeySummit as paying customers.
  3. We pay you 30% of their monthly fee. Every month.
  4. That means if you referred 55 people to HeySummit's business plan, you'd earn $4,108.50 every month.
  5. As long as they are a customer on one of our paid plans, you'll get paid.
  6. In addition to paying out commission, we also have fabulous bonus prizes for high performance including trips to visit the team in Scotland, a professional development fund, covering a car lease and more!
  7. We're also planning affiliate training events, meet-ups, masterminds, and much more!
  8. If you're not already signed up as an affiliate, you can do so here.
  9. Every affiliate gets a toolkit of ideas, copy, discounts, and access to our team to help with your endeavours.
  10. You'll also be invited to join the Affiliates channel on our community channel to swap strategies and stories.