You have registered for an event and followed our steps for logging in to the event site. Now you're running into some issues and can't properly login. Here are some possible reasons you might be having issues and how to resolve them. 

Quick start

1. You've visited the login page and clicked the 'Continue' button more than once to request a login link. This has resulted in multiple emails being sent to your inbox. You've tried clicking on the link in one of these emails but it's not working and you see this error message:

When a new login email is sent, previous login links are invalidated. 

The solution: find the most recent login email that was sent and use the link found there. Note that your email provider may thread emails from the same sender from newest to oldest, or vice versa, so take a careful look at the time stamps.


2. You haven't requested a login email recently enough - login links expire after 24 hours.

The solution: if 24 hours have passed since you last requested a login link via the event login page, you'll have to head back to this area to request a new one. Remember to use the link in the most recent email in your inbox.


3. The login email landed in a Spam folder and now you can't access the login link properly. 

The solution: mark the email as 'not spam' before using the link. Some email providers don't allow a user to click on a link when the email is currently marked as spam.


4. You've checked your main inbox and your Spam folder and the login email isn't there - you're not receiving it. It may be that you made a typo in your email address when originally signing up. Or, your email server might have strict security measures that stop our email from being delivered to you (this most often happens with educational or organizational email servers). 

The solution: get in touch with your Event Organizer to check on your attendee details - which they can edit if incorrect. You could also consider asking them to change your email address to a personal email address so our emails have a better chance of being delivered.


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