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Using Vectera For Your Live Talks
Using Vectera For Your Live Talks
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You've heard of Vectera - a tool for distance collaboration through video, whiteboards, screen share, and chat, and you want to use it for your event. You've come to the right place!
You can use our External URL integration to host your sessions in Vectera with Send to an External URL option.

  1. Choose the talk you are looking to use your webinar platform for. If you are looking to set up a talk, select Content > Talks.

  2. In the new window, click the Add Talk button located at the top right of the screen.

  3. On the next screen, you have several options for broadcasting the talk. When using your webinar platform, select Send to an External URL under the Advanced options.

  4. Enter your custom webinar platform URL in the box provided and you're all set!

Please note that your attendees will be redirected to the webinar platform once the session starts. The only time your sessions are embedded into the HeySummit page is when you're using our Pre-recorded option or our Live Stream option with one of our supported live streaming providers, Vimeo or Youtube.

Important Things To Note:

Check the attendee flow

Your attendees will not be auto-registered for your session. This means your webinar provider might ask them for registration before joining the session. Check your session's settings if you'd like to turn this off.

Check-in early!

If you'd like a quick mic and camera check before the session starts, make sure you and your Speakers join before the session starts.

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